Hydraulic table - Help wanted please

I am about to buy a hydraulic table to build my bike on and also in future to repair it on and also the others in the stable. What I need is a measurement from one of you proud Tonti frame bike owners, from the middle of the front wheel (contact with the ground) to the back of the centre stand, when the stand is down. I can deal with metric or imperial. Many thanks in anticipation :smiley:

1 meter is the measurement with my T3. I have used a KD work bench for the last few years, bought by my wife cos she could hear my knees creak!. Not the best spec bench out there but I have had every thing on it from Brit singles to a Hinkley 4 cylinder Trophy

Thanks Trevor, I will see if the Stelveo is any longer than that and then make a decision. thanks again :smiley:

Hi Chris, have just seen your request, I have a bench which came from a bike repair shop, it is bigger than standard but requires a jack to operate it. Lent it to a mate several years ago and now he wants it shifted, so it is free to collect. If you are interested I will get the measurements, (and make sure he still has it)! It is located in Blackfield, New Forest area.

Cheers, Gerry.

Cheers Gerry, what sort of jack does it need? Bottle, trolley or scissor?

Think it will work with bottle or trolley type, has been a while since I have seen it. Will pop round tomorrow and get details and take some pictures.

Thanks Duffo :smiley:

Hi Chris, bench is 2.5ft. wide, 7ft. long and lifts to 30" plus, it does need a high lift trolley jack with wheels as the top moves about 9" during lift. Top is 3/4" ply (on a steel frame) and it has a bolt on ramp but currently no removable section for dropping rear wheel, but can be easily modified to allow this. If you PM me an E-Mail address can send some pictures.

Cheers, Gerry.

Many thanks Gerry, but it is a bit large to both transport to Essex and to fit in my workshop.

I am sad to have to decline your kind offer.

No problem, Chris, anyone else interested, it’s free.