Hydraulic valve Cali

Hi all, I am thinking of buying a Cali and there are a lot of different models, issues out there. I seem to be getting the vibe that the hydraulic valve models are troublesome. Can anyone tell me how or why and is there a fix? Also I am really interested in a Black Eagle. Is it a hydraulic valve model? Last but not least when? What model did they stop using the Tonti frame?

  Thank you all in anticipation

I owned a hydro and loved it. It has real ‘grunt’. The valves didn’t cause me any problems at all - except the worry that they might! Using the correct oil seems to be vital. I found this link helpful: http://www.motoguzzicalifornia.com/2010/02/hydraulic-tappets/
Having said that, I’m glad I now have a 1999 Cali EV, not least because it’s got ordinary tappets which seem free from issues, and also because the wheels aren’t chromed, and the chrome on the hydro wheels falls off and cuts your fingers when you’re trying to clean it!

Cheers Graham
must admit not a big fan of chrome which is why im drawn to black eagle