Idicator????? HELP HELP HELP

Eldorado 1973 police. My near side rear indicator has ceased to function. It works when the hazzard lights are switched on, but when the idicators are on, zilch, The terminal on the flasher unit seems to be getting hot too. What does that mean? Flasher unit is clicking away with idicators or hazzards. Indicator switch seems to be fine. I’m stuck.

Maybe try replacing the flasher unit, used to be cheap as chips from local car spares.

I will try, but it’s working fine on the other side and with hazzards, on all four corners.

Usual things, check wiring, connectors and earths. Lamp and indicator switch may both have bad contacts, so only the (good) hazard switch function forces it to work. (More Volts.) I’m just guessing tho.

The switch seems to be functioning correctly - had it to bits and all looks good. Following the wire is not so easy once they enter the loom. But if the hazzards work at least most of the wiring mus be good. I hate bad electrics! :imp:

Do not assume! Take nothing for granted …

Do you have the alloy pot flasher units? Usually 2 with hazards fitted. These are quite specific on the Guzzi as they are rated differently to the car ones, also a faulty one will tend to get hot. Had a Spada with this problem where the hazards worked but one indicator did not, replaced both pots which solved the problem, it may be that the hazards can use either or both pots.

The original indicators on mine (made by Lucas…no really!) earthed through sprayed on chrome finish. Once I’d earthed via securing nut inside indicator casing all issues went away. Still did not stop me removing all together but there’s aesthetics for you boyo!

My Eldorado had a problem with fast flashing indicators when it arrived from the USA. I bought a flasher unit from a car spares place which made no difference, so I bought one from th US that was described as being super duper for some reason that I now have forgotten. It has the click clack mechanism inside, so is not electronic and it worked beautifully - and still does on one side! I tried LED bulbs before and an electronic unit but the flashers looked insipid - bright but with no colour compared to bulbs. I haven’t had time to tinker over the last couple of days as we have open studios happening for this week, but when I get a few minutes I’ll swap the flasher unit and see what happens.

Ah!! This is actually a warning that one or more bulbs are non-op. Must be at least 2 x 21W bulbs for normal flashing rate. (Most if not all modern flasher units must do the fast flashing warning thing if less than two lamps are working.) So sounds to me like it’s all the same problem, you’ve got a dodgy connection or earthing in one of the indicator lamps, or the wiring for it. (?)


Nope, afraid not Mike. All bulbs good. Car flasher flashed fast. Proper one works fine. (worked)

Just had ten minutes testing all my flasher units. Fast flashers flashed fast. Installed flasher flashed fine. Electronic flashers didn’t flash and one went pop - polarity an issue? One other flasher unit worked at the right speed. All flashers that flashed worked on hazzards. The flasher unit clicks on hazzards so I presume there is no other unit lurking - i’ve not found one. None of them flashed on the nearside rear indicators. Electricity is tricky stuff, but logical. I’m buggered if I can see any logic here. Going to look at a wiring diagram to see if I can think of something that might be wrong.

OK then so bulb is fine, great, but if rear left still refuses to light up, leccy ain’t getting through … seemples!

Electronic flashers didn’t flash and one went pop - polarity an issue?

Almost certainly! :smiley:

Do the electronic ones have three terminals? If so, then one of them is an earth ~ if not connected, won’t flash.

It might be a simple diagnosis, one that I had made myself! :laughing: but finding the cause is a different matter.

I have had the same problem on cars and it’s been the hazard light switch. Don’t have hazard lights on my bike so not sure if it’s wired the same. but might be worth looking at.

I am completely baffled! All indicators light up when the hazzards are switched on. Therefore all relevant wiring is working as it should. Most of this wiring is common to the indicators. The nearside rear indicator has stopped working - all others are working fine. Nothing has been fiddled with before the malfunction. I have been trying to trace all wires and test them, but have found nothing yet. The flasher unit seems to control hazzards and indicators? It clicks away nicely when offside and nearside indicators are on but rear n/s does not work
My bike is an ex police and has had wiring modified to suit civilian use. Is there a standard way this is done. Following the wiring diagram doesn’t seem to work.

If the hazzards work and three of the idicators do, where can the fault lie. I have the dash out and the indicator switch (but front works anyway) I can’t find the problem.

One interesting thing is that the rear indicators have stop and tail lamps in, with only one filament wired. Is this normal? Presumably two filament bulbs were used for police use?

I am now lost for things to check - HELP!

Are these tail+brake lampholders or just the bulbs are tail+brake? Sounds like someone’s done a bodge…

The indicators have twin filament bulb holders and have stop and tail bulbs. These are as made. Remember this is a police bike and would have had red lamps. Don’t know how it worked though.

Try earthing the outside of the bulb holder to the battery ground/earth, just in case theres a dodgy earth on that side. Use a multimeter to check voltage at the holder terminals with bulb removed, then work back through the wiring checking the voltage at connectors. Try the bulb from the other side, could be a faulty bulb?Â

I’ve done that. :frowning: The strange thing I can’t get my head round, is that the bulb works when the hazzards are operated. :question:

As there are two filaments involved, could it be that one is used for hazard and the other for indicator?Â