Idle speed adjust Breva V1100

Can anyone tell me how to do this please? It appears to run slightly high once warmed up.


You need to close one throttle body air screw and balance the tickover then reset the TPS. If this does not work the stepper motor maybe at fault.
If you haven’t got the equipment such as Carbtune, VDST or Guzzidaig then it is a dealer job I’m afraid.

Running high at what sort of speed when warm?Many have had a problem where tickover rises to about 2k when warm.This has been corrected in most cases by cutting off the air bleed from the air filter box to the stepper motor, by using a valve. Turn it on for cold starting, off when warm.I got carried away on the Norge and fitted a temperature sensitive switch, so mine turns the air supply off automatically once head temp reaches 70 degrees. I also fitted a tell tale LED so I know when it’s up to temperature.However, as dave says above, you should check the throttles are balanced and TPS set correctly first.Never try to adjust the tickover with the throttle stop screw, you will void any warranty on the throttle bodies if you do and screw up all the other settings.
Brian UK2013-04-29 16:16:30

I’ve just fitted one of these to my Griso, early results seem to point to it being a few quid well spent. The bike only ever seemed to have a high tickover in very cold weather. This little valve sorts it anyway.

Thanks for the tips/advice.

She runs at about 1300-1400 rpm when warm about 1200 when cool.