If in doubt, read the manual.

I’ve only had my Le Mans 1000 for 32 years so I thought I’d look in the owners manual to check what it said about oil for the bevel box. 80W/90 ok but what’s the magic ingredient you’re supposed to put with it called Agip Rocol ASO/R. Anyone know? Is it really necessary?

Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

If you’ve never used in 32 years, perhaps not, dependant on miles covered. Guzziology comments on the need for it. I put some Molyslip gear protection in the FD on my Cali’ 3.
Meant to reduce wear.

From the Rocol website: “ROCOL® ASO Oil Reinforcement is an oil concentrate containing extremely fine particles of molybdenum disulphide for addition to all types of basic mineral oils to form a stable suspension of molybdenum disulphide reinforced oil”

So that will be the ‘moly additive’ that some will tell you you don’t need “with modern oils” and others will say that they use because the manual says to and etc. If you find yourself wanting to be in the latter group, you could well find it in Halfords, branded ‘Slick 50’. (o:

Been running the T3 for the last 100,000 miles on 80w90 in the bevel and still going strong.

Thanks for your replies all. I think on balance I’ll probably stick to just the gear oil. I’m sure Agip know what they are talking about but I’m never that convince about mixing stuff.
Thanks again.


I put active 8 in every oil in my Guzzi’s bevel engine etc.
It’s expensive, but worth it. Especially on engines that stand for a while.