Ignition switch removal

Anyone got any ideas how to remove the ignition switch from the headlamp on my Stornello? I want to clean it up and repaint it plus have a look at what is happening inside the switch it as it is a bit rusty!I don’t want to force anything so a clue on how to remove it would be good.Also, I have seen several keys for these for sale. Is it a case that one key fits all or do they vary?

Unscrew the two rusty screws you can see in the pic left and right (flat blade screwdriver), move ignition block out the way, then the bit left in the headlamp shell is held in by two tangs I believe (but I have not done this on a Stornello but on a Lodola but most prob. the same).

Anyway, all will become clear once you remove the two screws…

Sounds good to me. Many thanks, will give it a try when next in the garage.

You mentioned keys too, my Stornello uses one key on the back r/h side of the headlamp for ignition, then a separate key on top for lights - yeah, ridiculous… - but yours is earlier. When you unscrew the ignition block, take some clear pics of it and post 'em up here and we’l try and see which on it is.italianmotor2012-10-16 19:37:00

There is a bracket to which the ignition switch is screwed . You might need to spray some wd40 as the screws could be rusted in the bracket Best of luck Don

The whole thing is a mass of rust and so is currently swimming in WD40!
For those into Stornello’s, I found this interesting little web site the other evening

http://flyingsquirrel.nl/FS_blog/machines/motorcycles/machines-stornello/Don-Spada2012-10-17 00:37:51

Got the main switch part off. That is one almighty switch unit, my kid of size, none of these small fiddly bits. Think I need to get a key to see how it works.Does this look right?Stornello key

Don-Spada2012-10-17 23:49:49

That looks like the correct key to me.The stornello wiring circuit is rather unorthodox so be careful to make a note where the wires go All the best.

All the wires go nowhere, what you see is what there is!!I do have a very rough 2nd hand loom but it came from a different bike, as did this headlamp and switch. I do think the switch is about right for my 1965 4 speed model.I have removed the switch and connector board all as one and put it on one side whilst I paint up the headlight shell. The chrome ring would not move so I have masked that off and painted round it. Everything at present is getting prepped and a coat of grey primer at present, no point in top coating anything yet.On the electrics, I have not delved too far but see no sign of a rectifier or regulator. Do they not have anything so technical?

Making good progress with the headlight, got the switch off and all cleaned up, got a key and all parts seem to move and turn as they should.I am trying to sort the warning light out to go in the top of the headlamp, it seems that the ignition switch is in the way of any sort of bulb holder that might go through the hole in the top of the headlamp. Any clues as to how it should fit? Or what should be in the hole?

There should be a 6 volt festoon bulb that goes in there somewhere which you see through the plastic lens when the ignition is on

There is a small lamp that sems to be piggy backed onto the main headlamp, I just need some form of lens then, green tint seems most common from the pictures I have seen.Spent the afternoon sorting out the ignition switch, replaced a couple of very rusty screws. Need to make some sense of the wiring diagram next.