Ikon shocks on order. Now fitted.

Cali 1400 Touring,
Waiting on delivery of Ikon 7610 rear shocks. From what I’ve read these are updated Konis, a bit like the old Dial-a-Rides I reckon. Four damping settings and 3 spring preloads.
Don’t know if it’s my imagination, but the OE shocks seem shot at 20,000 miles. Either bottoming out or wallowing around…not the cushioned ride it used to be. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve piled weight on! Either way, change is coming. To the bike, not me.
I’ll post again when fitted.
Course, then I’ll probably want new fork springs too…

They will be fun to fit :wink: Are you having a go yourself?

Will balance bike in mid air, support rear with power of Zen, jiggle, pray, and hit with big hammer. What could possible go wrong.
If it falls over, I’ll call you to hoist her up off me. Must remember to take mobile into garage.

Sounds like a plan :smiley:
If you need a hand let me know

Fitted the new shocks…a straightforward swap once the bike lift and balancing with rear wheel in the air sorted. The silencers need their mounts undone to allow the cans to droop a little, allowing access to the shock lower mounts. Mandello may well have a grease drought, but a lake of thread lock! Impact driver needed to loosen all four (soft headed) bolts.

Initial impressions of the Ikons are good. The ride is much improved…supple, but with control over ripples and no jolts through the potholes.
There are 3 preload steps, set to no.2. Damping is set to 2 of the 4 available, and the dial is accessible with the panniers in place. Not so the spring preload.
It looks like there is about an inch more available travel on these shocks over the OE. On a bumpy coastal route the Ikons haven’t bottomed out as the OE ones did. There’s about an inch and a half of travel that hasn’t been used. Fast sweeping bends with the odd bump don’t unsettle the bike at all, just the odd bit of gentle so called ‘hero blobs’ scraping going on.

All in all, a well spent £350 (or thereabouts). I’d definitely give these consideration for use on the V7 when I feel the inclination to spend again.

As an aside, the OE all chrome shocks look in excellent nick. No sign of fluid leaks, and not a spot of rust on the chrome. Considering these only get a clean (and a rub over with ACF50) when the panniers are off for rear tyre change, and the four winters they’ve lived through, quite impressed. Pity the front fork finish (alloy sliders) isn’t to the shame standard.