Improving le mans 1000 gearchange

So what do we make of this from Dave Richardson of Guzziology fame writing of the 5 speed big twin gearboxes …

" the latest ones (again introduced late in 1999 with the Jackal and Quota 1100 ES) have a revised shift detent pawl (part number 2823 4700) that makes them shift better (an easy update to all previous small-twin and big-twin manual transmissions).

is this worth a try to get a slicker gearchange? or is it just a case of learn to lump it - part of the guzzi character?

Never heard of that update.
It has been said that a better gearbox oil helps, but i’ve never tried it as I have about a gallon of ep90 in the garage given to me in the past.

Sae85W-140 + a dash of molyslip. Was really quite good. Box was 2nd hand Cali 3. Plus pulling clutch and pedal up simultaneously. I learned to do that with my Honda CD175 years ago, otherwise always a false neutral, between every gear just would NOT go in.

It’s difficult to know without trying it. The gearbox as standard should be Ok and you should get used to it. Occasional False neutrals are to be expected. If it’s really not good it is probably best to get someone expert to look at it, like Baldrick or Nigel at NBS as they will be able to set it up correctly.

It should change Ok without any later mods.

Changing the oil first would be good though and checking there is nothing nasty lurking there.

NBS said its no better no worse than normal. Gear oil is fresh, new clutch cable and gearchange is fine once i get used to the ‘slow’ two part change and get into its rhythm - so if i only rode a guzzi I’d get used to it but i’d like to do it ‘fast and snicky’ like i can do on my '76 triumph :slight_smile:
I thought one of our more race/track orientated types might have had some thoughts or experience of improving the breed

It has a pedal linkage, is it worn and sloppy? Makes the pedal travel “long”. Doesn’t help.

Never done the “two part” thing. Usually goes in in one, or else I got a false neutral. :smiley:

Well there is always some technique to master on the older boxes I suppose, unlike the 6 speeders on the modern stuff. I get best results from pre/post loading the pedal before clutching for each shift, though you can upshift clutchlessly on either my T3 or V50 with a little care.

But back to the case in point, viz the Guzziology suggested part swap out – surely worth a shot if you are in the gear box anyway?

+1 for preloading the gear lever.
It could be all in the mind but mine seems to shift better with the fully synthetic gear oil in it.

Sorry to hijack your post .
Any problems with synthetic oil on my 95 Cali ? vaguely remember something about plastic bearing cages being eaten by synthetic oil .

I find the lightened flywheel on my G5 Special a quicker and better change than my standard T3

[quote=“Lee Halsall”]Sorry to hijack your post .
Any problems with synthetic oil on my 95 Cali ? vaguely remember something about plastic bearing cages being eaten by synthetic oil .[/quququote
Been using fully synthetic gear oil in a 91 1000s and a 96 centauro for a number of years without a problem, (that’s asking for it :smiley: )

Thanks Phil :slight_smile:

why 85-140 i thought that was for V50s?

Need to ask the person who recommended it (on this forum, but about 4 years ago), myself I can’t remember the details. Whatever makes the moving bits more slippery. Is what it feels like anyway. :smiley:

Yeah the upshift on Blue is slowed by the flywheel. I’ll be looking to lighten it when I have some other cause to go in there.