In tank fuel hose, Cal Vin etc.

Been problems with this hose coming adrift in the tank, and stopping the bike dead.
Just seen this posted on WildGuzzi, which is the answer at last.

To my unending delight, there is finally an updated part listed for the Cal Vin and other Cals that use the in tank pump. The original hose was a piece of crap, and many dealers and riders have come up with improvements, but not what I would call a real permanent fix. It seems that 7 years of research has gone into the solution and a new line is in stock at PGA that appears to be the same corrugated nylon as the “good” hose that never blew off.
It is part number GU03106170 and includes 2 Oetiker clamps. We have some on order and will post pics as soon as its here.

The new pipe should have a corrugated appearance as it will bend more easily. Whether or not the clamps are included is academic, as you have to have the special tool to do them up. The clamps shown in the “have you got one of these in your tank” thread are easier to use.Brian UK2012-05-30 10:16:27

I ordered this part no through trevs motorcycles when it arrived it was the ordinary rubbish pipe with no clamps and cost over a tenner

Yes, my 2007 Vintage popped its fuel line off the pump as well. Filter is OK, I have the all-metal type. Simple enough fix,(if you’re not at the roadside in the dark)… ran fine for a mile then popped off again. Must try harder…(wire it on around the clip?)paulcali32012-07-22 17:13:44

Get the filter from Opie Oils it is only £9.37 plus shipping I think £22.75 is a bit steep! I think Guzzi wants about £17 for the same thing.Almost2012-10-12 18:18:03

Are we talking about the pipe on hte plastic elbow that goes into the fuel tank on the front l/hand side ?
Ive just lifted the tank off its rubbers to remove it and can see a pipe from the filer drain , a fuel pipe with a steel clip and the wiring disapearing somewhere towards the trottle bodies. Does not the pipe from the tank have a quick release feature for service access?
Got a sticky throttle so need to access throttle bodies and any linkage there and check the cable run under the tank,suspect water ingress tightening things up.
So just what is the correct way to release the fuel pipe?

aah sorted it! I suspected a qr fuel pipe clip and after a bit of gentle tugging and pushing the pipe came away off the pump on a qr connector.
After removing he tank wiring and filer drain I turned it upside down to discover NO paint around the pump area and its red with rust! Great!
As I suspected the throttle cable quadrant was sticking on its spindle,not easy to get at and a spray with WD sorted it for the moment, it ideally needs stripping out,lubbing up properly and rebuilding. Not a 5 minute job!

I have had three breakdowns with this very problem on my Griso will part number: GU03106170 and includes 2 Oetiker clamps fit my Griso?

To say it is a pain when it happens is an understatement

would just replacing the crimp clip stop it coming off ?
quality Oetiker,cobra etc or other similar hose clamps are easy to get?
I could fix mines before it comes off. somewhere in an area with no mobile signal, at night, in the rain, with wolves howling and miles of up hill pushing with my luck.
Californhihay2014-03-27 20:27:50

I received a hose using that part number from Moto Strada.

It was the soft semi translucent (Silicon ?) type. I enquired and was told, that all there is, it is the proper part and they haven’t
seen the corrugated type. After contacting a few other dealers got more or less the same answer.

So I fitted it with proper screw clamps and that was a year ago (Not saying any more).

All this was preceded by the hose coming off on a run I got home after some help.

Sourced new hose that was purpose made for Modern Petrol with Ethanol that lasted around 6 weeks. Yes the inner sleeve was for petrol
but not the outer so it went all mushy as it is immersed in petrol.
So be very careful what you use.

A cautionary note.

The road side repair.

I managed to get petrol over my hands nowhere to wash so
wiped them off, did smart a little.

But next day the backs of my hands were very red and sore, and now have dermatitis.
I explained to the Doc that I had been playing around with petrol and oil for most of my life (A long time) and never had any problems.

The Doc says it a lot more common now and is probably the different petrol.

It is really not something you want.

So do take care wear those latex type gloves or wash off immediately. (yes I know they’re for sissy mechanics But who is laughing now)


Bill Dag

Had this hose fail on my California Vintage today. No warning, no hints, no nothing! Just riding along and suddenly, instant complete power loss. The bizarre thing is, I had just the other week been reading this very post and immediately thought that this could be the cause! This shows the benefit of the Club and Forum!

Luckily, my breakdown was just around the corner from my mate’s bike workshop. I pushed it round there and sure enough, after some investigation, he discovered the detached fuel pump line. He has effected a repair, which has withstood the ‘brute force’ pull test before refitting- so fingers crossed. If you have not done something about this potential problem, I would advise you to. Just for info guys…

I would post pics of repair but haven’t got a clue how to…

hi there
just got back from a 3 week tour in Italy, my ev 04 fuel pipe collapsed in the middle cutting off fuel. this happened in st Quentin france, day 1, luckily I had it taken to the local Ducati dealer who fitted a corrugated hose and pour scorn on the original lost 6 hours but felt very lucky

i pulled my pump out of the vintage today to check if the hose was ok, it looks like it has the crimp clips on the pump and filter.
should the hose between the filter and the pump be the spiral molded type to stop it straining and poping off?Â

I have recently purchased a 2011 Vintage are the later ones still prone to fuel hose problems?

Think a 2011 one would have gone pop by now and been fixed. Worth a look if you ever have the tank off.

Having read these responses perhaps this may help other Cali Vintage owners. My pipe has been done previously however I did have a struggle getting the fuel pipe off an EV bassa a very thin cycle type spanner 12mm approx open ended Did the job from memory the male was plastic so not that strong.
Slow speed running and snatch fitted the electronic device from Denmark works really well my bike has non standard pipes and now hardly pops at all even closing throttle going down a steep hill.
Nathan very helpfull at Steffords who had their Guzzi dealership terminated recommended a spray type grease ( German) this flows as a liquid and forms a light grease, clutch push rod and perhaps the throttle issue mentioned ?
My vin is white but seems to be a pearlescent white did Guzzi do this ?

Tick over is to high with the above fitted and four new plugs note inner plugs need very thin wrench ( machine mart ) the bike hardly needs choke n ticks over fine but think should be 800 to 1000 rpm it’s 1100. Is this a simple job ie just screw stop adjustment can it be done running? Will post both name of mixture compensate n spray grease
Regards Ratt

I went to my local motor parts shop and just asked for a fully immersible fuel hose and fitted it with genuine Jubilee clips some 5k+ miles ago. Still riding round with a set of replacements and a 7mm spanner in my tool kit. :wink: