Indicator Buzzer

I wanted to add an audible buzzer for the indicators, I was thinking that I could wire in to one (don’t know which) of the flasher relay connwctions

Bike is 2004 EV
Any suggestions or recommendations please?

I fitted one to my Spada, just needed a wire to each indicator connection and an earth wire. I put mine inside the fairing. Different models will wire in different ways, but all should be fairly simple.They are a bit of a pain but I was forever forgetting to cancel the indicators so felt it a necessary evil. Go for the one with the delay on it, I think you can also get one with a delay and also cuts out when you hold the brakes on so it doesn’t beep whilst you are waiting at lights etc

have a word with towser

he does all types even with the wire to connect to brake circuit so when at lights with brakes on it silences the buzzer

I bought my buzzers from Maplins wire them to each indicator, have to say took them out after a year, could hardly hear them with the engine running and they were more annoying than use.

If money is no object you could try an Kalsan signal minder. It is basically a plug and play replacement flasher relay that you can set to cancel in 10 or 20 seconds etc. Works very well on my BMW and no annoying noises.As Ray says Towza does a good range of buzzers if you prefer them.

I fitted one of these 

The indicator circuit is live all the time.
When you use the switch you just take it to earth,all you need to do is find the wire to the little bulb to the dash and wire your buzzer to that.

That depends on the type of idiot light you have on the dash, some have one, some have two.Mine is wired to each front indicator positive, whith a diode in each connection, and an earth on the other side of the buzzer. You need the diodes otherwise you put a short from one side to the other.Got mine complete with diodes wired in quite cheap of Ebay.Yes it is loud enough.

I used this kit “Indicator warning buzzer with adjustable delay and brake light stop mod” from Azonic. Does what it says on the tin, but I wish I’d left a longer delay. I’m dim, but not THAT dim…Web site uses frames or summat. Can’t link directly to the product!Andrew C2012-11-12 09:37:21

I have fitted one of these to my Stelvio many others are availible but I see now you can get ones for about £20 that have a delay of between 0 and 20 seconds before the buzzer starts that you can set yourself.

The noise is very loud and annoying so it does it’s job!

Yes, that’s the one I got Chris. Cheap and chearful.