Info needed please - Cali Stone

I’ve had my first Moto Guzzi for nearly a year now (Cali Stone) and I have decided I’d like to make a few mods I fancy a small screen, anyone know of a good one. I also want to do some touring and feel that lower foot pegs would make long distance more comfortable. Is this something anybody else has done if so any tips gratefully received. Thanks all

I lowered the foot hight by fitting the Harper’s floorboards conversion.
See here guzzibear2013-06-28 11:42:46

Thanks lawries that’s a good link I have got pegs so won’t be going for boards, however after seeing the boards conversion, I think I might be able to make up some brakets. Cheers

There are many screens you can fit Alot depends on YOUR height and your distance from the screen

Annies Virago works real well with a “Spitfire” screen easy to fit and adjust and no buffeting, Puig make one similar as do Givi.

Look at harpers if you want the 'Merican tourer look. Or you may find a 2nd hand one for a Guzzi Cali but get the fittings included.

The screen (MG original) on my bike came from a newer machine than mine so I had to junk the fitting hardware and make my own.

If you can find a screen I think I still have the original brackets lying about somewhere

Alternatively, I’ve still got “the barn door” which personally I hated because of the buffeting - but that could be for the reasons GB refers too

tris2013-07-04 13:02:49

Really like that colour Cali Tris I would even consider swapping part exchanging the V11 for one o them …

WHAT!!! Surely not…

Tis me age really …getting to the point the V11 just is not as much fun as the V1000 … hey as Annie ses …you ain’t doin bad for someone 'urtling towards 60

Hmmmm. Poor excuse in my opinion!

Thanks for the offer Tris. The barn door is definitely not for me, I’ve only just decided for the first time to go for a screen, never used one before. I like the look of the one on your bike (Nice Cali). So that’s what I’m now after. If I can find a MG one for sensible money I might pm you about fittings. Cheers

60…I’m looking back and watching it become a dot in the distance…!!

Ah yes, army pension, mortguage paid off, enough stamp for my gvmt pension already, free perscriptions and eye tests.Life is good.

I’m over 50 (but not near 60) - am I too young to own a Guzzi then? :smiley:

I bought my first one at 31 in '84.Still got it.

Don’t forget the bus pass Ian…