Injectors and Injector seals

Looking for the source of a kangaroo bike inducing misfire and discovered that the seals/O rings on the injectors were jiggered.
Despite best efforts of Mike Bailey and myself couldn’t say for sure if the were 14.5 or 15mm.
Advice from Mr Injector is that a 15mm will fit where a 14.5 was if you smear it with DoT 4 brake fluid.
Ended up ordering a set of eight of each for £12 delivered.
With a bike of advancing years it’s worth a check.
The whole injector costs £300 from Guzzi. The Weber IW031 is also used on Lacia and Lamboughini cars and can be picked up for about £120. Servicing is about £40 per unit but doesn’t address potential problems with the AMP connector.
Have fun