innersparkplug breva 1100

hi all , just went to service my 05 breva today and cant seem to remove inner spark plugs .I never realised that room is tight in there and I do not have the proper tool for it , tried other plug sockets but would not fit, does anyone know what site I can purchase this special tool from? status is currently desperate.thanks as always

Use a normal hex plug socket but grind the corners off on a grind stone and it will fit.

I use a standard 3/8 drive spark plug socket, the small size, but you have to grind the OD down to 21mm to get it in. If you also have one of those “wobble” extensions it helps to line things up. The loom does get in the way.You can of course ring any of the Guzzi dealers and buy the “official” tool. Just make sure you are sitting down before they tell you the price.

Be careful to blow all the accumulated debris from around the plugs before you remove them.

Fits a treat. Diid a google search found one in the states.
Think it cost about £16.00 inc delivery, took about week to arrive.
Cheapest I could find in UK as £25.00 plus
Very well made socket and extension.
Once plug is loose find some 3/8 or 10mm hose and use that to unscrew plug. It will make sense .
wits2013-05-18 22:24:57

Mine cost about £4.00, something like this, but the handle had a 3/8 drive so the socket could be used with standard socket set.
Just like the motion pro version really, but I got mine for under €5.00 in a French supermarket, and it had two sizes of plug spanner included.Brian UK2013-05-19 08:59:51