Installing a Relay

I want to install a relay on my V7ii Special ABS. The purpose is to have a live supply to which I can connect auxiliaries such as SatNav, USB socket, heated grips, etc, in the knowledge that when the ignition is off, then all these auxiliaries will be off too. No unneeded parasitic drain on the battery.

I have had a look at a wiring diagram kindly supplied by “This Old Tractor” at:,_V7_II_Special_ABS,_V7_II_Stone_ABS.gif

This shows two potential connectors that are ignition controlled. They are No 11 (Pre-installation Gps) and No52 (Pre- installation USB)

I have found and used No52. It is actually 12v, not 5v. I have attached a USB socket to it and used the USB socket to charge my phone so that I can use it as a SatNav. (When I had the USB socket attached to the battery direct, it did cause quite a parasitic drain. It made made starting the bike after a week or 10 days a slightly anxious affair !!)

My question is: will this wire connector at no 52 be sufficient to activate and maintain a standard automotive 12v relay when the ignition is on ?

Any thoughts or advice on this would be much appreciated.



I’ve also just put on a USB adaptor onto my V7 850 using that same socket, as a semi-permanent installation. And yes it is 12V not 5V. This is good for me because my adaptor has two separate USB outlets, each of which has its own 5V regulator.

I think Quadlock might do a power supply for their wireless charging pad that could be a plug and play option for this set up. IIRC it shuts off automatically when the battery voltage drops, I think it has a standard USB plug on the end so could be plugged into a hub?

As far as power consumption of relay goes, they usually draw something like 45mA when the relay coil is energised, so can’t really see it being a problem…