intermittent starting problem

v11 sport lemans 2001 model sometimes starts and sometimes doesnt lights etc work starter button does not ,injectors prime but no life when pressing starter.Is it the starter relay? or something else,any ideas gets a bit embarrasing when it happens at bike meet.Rang the rac last time went back to bike and guess what it started HELP!

Could be Sidestand cutout switch, that’s a favourite. Could be relays. Sounds to me like a bad connection. Sure someone else will be along with more suggestions.

Wiggle the bars side to side next time it happens, if fires up there’s two bullet connectors under the tank, left hand side that sometimes come loose

Thanks for that I will have a look at the sidestand cutout switch first

The ignition switch itself can be suspect, as can the handlebar kill switch. Sometimes repeated actuations can help, although it seems perhaps unlikely to be the kill switch if the fuel pump primes.There can be issues with a voltage drop between the battery and the trigger point on the starter, you might want to search under ‘startus interuptus’ on the WildGuzzi forum for possibles. It revolves around the feed for the solenoid that is fed through the ignition switch getting rewired.Phil

Definitely worth trying the above.Rossi46 gave me the same advice when i had similar issues on my 2004 V11 Le Mans.I tried it with the ignition on and the starter button depressed and the bike started up straightaway.Reasoning that a cable must be under tension and pulling apart somewhere i found under the left hand side of the tank (as Rossi says ) a badly routed cable and a connector block that was being pulled apart.Sorted it and never had another issue.

Thanks again everyone took the guzzi out yesterday after cleaning the kill switch and sidestand cutout switch with WD 40(also gave all the accessable electric contacts and earths a spray too) seems to have worked no problems starting at all stopped 5 or 6 times all ok fingers crossed