Iridium Spark Plugs

Wondering if anyone has experience with Iridium spark plugs they can share? Good / bad or otherwise. I have an upcoming service for a 2005 Breva 1100.
Thanks. Bruce

I put them in all of my bikes,
Could be all in the mind but the acceleration seems a bit better,

Thx Phil.
I’m only doing the outer plugs this service so will give it a try.

they are supposed to last 4x longer than standard plugs as well

Hi Phil. I’m looking to use in my V7 2013 year. Do you know the plug nymber and what is the correct gap please?

Hi Bruce,
Sorry I don’t know what plug you need my youngest bike is from 2001. Try the Green spark plug company and put your bike details in the search :+1:

Correct Iridium Plug for your bike is BPR6EIX, 0.7 gap but you dont need to gap Iridium plugs. Innerplug is PMR8B

Regards, Nik