Is there a new version of the V7 on the horizon

Morning All
Has anyone heard anything about a new version of the V7 for 2025? It may be my cynical brain overthinking why dealers have reduced the brand new prices :wink:
Still on the hunt for one and just being a bit careful (or maybe too careful) :grinning:

If you keep waiting eventually there will be a new version but where do you draw the line ?
Take advantage of the lower prices now on offer or buy secondhand . Either way its not a lifelong contract so you can always sell what you get and buy another. Isnt that half the fun researching what to buy and then coming to a decision ? Buy twice so double the fun.

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I dunno - did a Google search - on YouTube are videos for a 2025 Stornello 850 (with offroad pretentions, knobbly tyres etc.), and 2025 Nevada 850 (β€˜custom’) - I’m not madly keen on the looks of either TBH.

For 2024 are these here -


Yep, just having a senior\sanity check moment :smiley: They keep changing the colour options every year which makes it harder to get unnoticed by Mrs C that I have changed my bike :wink:


Cheers Mike_H
Did that myself. I am just going to have to get what I can for my money and add bits on as I go along :wink:

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