is this art

Testing :smiley:


Has to be…otherwise I can see some basic design problems there!

It is interesting how the artist chose to portray the mid aspect in a discreet plain, disguising the form to the uninformed. A kind of “Less is more” kind of thing. Should the artist choose to photo a human form, one can presume how they would use a full frontal or full rear pose, then use lighting to silhouette the model, such that the viewer is left with dilemma as to whether the model is facing forward or rearward and if they are attired. In the above the viewer is equally challenged by the orientation of the centre aspect and if the component are in the raw or adorned with preserving decor. Then there is the statement. "Look at the bluntness, insignificantness and fragility of mans endeavourss compared to the beauty, magnitude and robustness of mother nature.

There I was thinking it would be worth more weighed in as scrap.


Well it was going to be scrap, but I took the art option,
 (the Missus doesn’t think it’s art) :smiley:.

What’s it called? “Ode to a big-end failure, one midsummer morning…?”

I like it…Ode to a failed cam or follower would be closer to the truth :smiley:.

Whilst I find Cabernets view to be rather understated as to the beauty of it all, the strong but at the same time undemanding view one gets from afar (200 miles would be about right) is to be honest more than I can take in at my age,
I think we need start a ‘oil thread’ to work out just what grade of oil would be required if ‘it’ ever got assembled,

other than that I think the location of the ‘Art’ will play a important role in deciding if one likes it or not., outside a place like the Trafford Shopping Centre it would be a big No No but ouside a Museum of Transport it could be Yes Yes

but the location ? on the edge of a northern town would be deemed by most to be a correct place but I would put it right in the middle of the South Downs National Park (Hampshire/Sussex) it would’nt half confuse the tourists.

I agree with you I also think the same when I see weeds growing up through the cracks in the concrete car park at the back of my flat.
And I pour used brake fluid on them to kill them.

In the eye of the beholder etc.
For me it’s a Yes. Must get some pictures of Brian Clay’s gate post toppers :slight_smile: All the best Steve

Visited the Baltic Contempory Art Gallery Satutrrday last and if what is in there is art, well so is that.

‘Brian and Julie Clays post toppers’…Voila !

Cheers Kate. I’m sure we were supposed to be removing a post at some point but lost track :blush:
See you Wednesday

Superb :smiley:

You bet…x

There are several peeps looking for rocker covers at the moment…

As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder , personally I think the Angel of the North is horrible, however I found this outside a scrap yard in Brampton there is a lot of detail to it and the artist/welder must have put a lot of man hours into it so top marks for effort.

sorry but to me it lacks a certain you know what, and if you know what I know you will understand my lack of taste, I have just had 24 pints of Old Farts Bitter so my mind thinks " what is the reason for it?" “how much did the artist get paid for it?” " whats the scrap value of it?" " is it alive or dead?" “what is the meaning of life?” " who is buying the next round?" so many questions so many answers, i need a other pint.