Italian bike day, Cassington...

Went along today.

Nice turnout of bikes. My personal favourite was the silver Spada…

A Spada was my first Guzzi.

Nice to see another V100.

Had a few conversations with some interesting people.

And for the non-Guzzi contingent, I loved this Laverda 750…

A very good day.

Thanks to all the people I met.


They always seem to manage to arrange good weather for this little ‘pub garden’ event. And always get a good assortment of bikes turning up, too - out front, as well, if you’re interested in Brit stuff. If you’re local, it might be worth knowing that they arrange a few such ‘shows’ throughout the year, on different themes. One of the alternatives that I’ve enjoyed in previous years has been the ‘Cafe Racers’ - arranged, I think, by the Norton Owners Club, the rules are simply that “the bars have to be below the headstock” and given that, the variety is generally great and each bike worth at least a few minutes of observation. Not sure what’s on this year - the best way to find out is to stop in, have a beer and ask at the bar - or keep an eye on the BMRCO website.

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