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Had to bring this out of general viewing for employment reasons.

Take the DP Brakes DP307 Pad.

It is 52.5 x 52.5 x 8.7 = DP307 Two holes with top cut out and made for the Kawasaki A1 A2 A3 & A4 1978 to 1982 Scorpion.
However DP Brake use the same back plate on the DP318 for a later range of Kawasaki

ZXR 400 1990 1990 R
ZXR 400 L1-L5 (ZX 400) 1991 2003 R
ZX-7R 750 P1 1996 2003 R
ZXR 750
(ZX750H1-2/J1/L1-3) ZX7
1989 1995 R
ZXR 750
R (ZX750K1-M1-2) ZX7R
1991 1995 R
ZRX 1100 1997 1999 R
ZZ-R 1100 D1-3 (ZX11 Ninja) 1993 2001 R
ZRX 1200 /R/S 2001 2006 R
ZX-12 1200 R 2000 2004 R
ZX-12 1200 R 2005 2005 R
ZZ-R 1200 2002 2004 R

The dimensions of the DP318, 52.5 x 52.5 x 8.1 Two holes with top cut out

Now, in it for the money as a stockist, and recognising stock takes up space, and space is money, are you going stock both or try and sell the DP318 to the 250 Scorpion rider which will work just as well but be thinner. The manufacturer makes the DP307. Are you going to stock them? If you don’t and get away with them, how much longer will the manufacture make them.

it would depend on the dealers turnover for these items, low turnover I would just stock the DB318 and advise anyone wanting the DP307 that the DP318 pads will work on the customers bike, if the market for the DB318’s is much bigger than the market for the DP307’s and you had a big turnover I might stock a low amount of the DP307’s or ask customers who want the DP307’s to if possible order/pay for them in advance

Yes, but you have scruples.

But have they shrunk over the years.
Really they are now scruplets.

We don’t all grow old the way you have Ian.