It's very stiff

I find the forks on my LM2 very difficult to get on with - very unforgiving when hitting a series of bumps; they feel like they have locked up! As a result things come loose and drop orf/out (teeth, bulbs etc)! They have (new) standard non air dampers with standard dual rated springs. The, supposedly identical, forks in the (same age) T3 Cali seem much better. Any ideas out there? There is a company who will rebuild them…but at a cost of £600…so that is certainly out!

what weight fork oil are you using
I am sure its meant to be 7.5 weight

The oil in the older forks is ATF oil only to lube them as they are internal dampers, Padge has someone swapped the org ones for some different damper units?

New damper s are abt 200-300 mate 2nd hand ones far less

My Spada is very much the same. Bitubo dampers and progressive springs are apparently the way to go but not cheap. Gutsibits stock the parts

the springs are £90 just got a set for my 1000s

If I remember correctly (And THAT is no mean feat) There were 2 grades of OEM damper …silver and gold BUt when I was thinking of doing mine on the V1000 I was told to go for the fournals ones ??

Sounds to me as if the damping is too severe. I had that effect when I turned the damping up by accident on the Spada III.It’s not likely to be the springs unless they sag right down when the bike is loaded, which won’t happen on new springs.

Don ,ure frontend is sound ,when youve got that throttle wind on

Damping is certainly more likely the issue - but dampers are also new! They are the gold ones but not sure if others available. Perhaps I’ll try the FAC air ones but with no air? Mind you - it’s fab on the race track…

Couple of ideas ~

Sliders are binding on the stanchions? E.g. wheel hub spacers wrong thickness for example so fork bottom ends are being pushed together / outward (?)

Another idea, too much fluid in forks could cause it to bottom out early (go hard), I’ve actually had this happen, either I refilled forks with the wrong amount of ATF (too much) or had not managed to drain all of the old in the first place