Jackal dipstick length?

I’ve seen conflicting ideas on this here and there, would be glad of others’ thoughts.

If you want the full yarn I didn’t do mine up tight enough and it blew out just after I got on the A40 near Usk.
Fortunately I noticed the smoke in my rear view mirror, looked down to see my boot and suit had a new waterproof layer, and pulled in. I put in some oil donated by a mechanic working on a car in the lane (luck!), swapped the gearbox plug for a wedged-in bit of pipe insulation which I’ve been using to steady my battery, and rode gently to a garage to top up the sump, using some spare electrical cable as an estimated dipstick.

Fast forward 500 miles and I’ve bought another thermometer dipstick.
Who wants to guess where to put some high and low markings on there?

Drain it

Measure the correct amount and pour it in

Dip it (screwed in or not - your choice)

Mark the dip stick

next oil change tris… I’m that lazy.

I did fanny about for a while with an excel spreadsheet to work out what the change in depth was compared to the volume and related to the angle of the dip stick

If you’re interested PM me your e-mail address and I’ll shoot it over.

tris2014-08-14 13:19:32

tris… do you work for CERN? I am completely flummoxed! I know there’s too much in there as it’s the first time I’ve ever had any drip from the breather pipe after a good fast sustained ride. Better than too little I suspect!
The oil only being about 500 miles old, I wasn’t planning to drop it all yet.

Dipstick dimensions on my 95 Cali all from the flange on the dipstick where it touches the sump are:-

MAX Level 105 mm

MIN Level 142mm

End of dipstick 160mm

Many thanks tris. I’ve removed about 1/2 litre oil with a little hand pump.