Just got an MG

Just bought a V35, found it at a classic race meet in Holland in may and went back for it last week, all seems ok, but would like to know where the oil pressure switch is hidden ? think its a 1977 or 78

Hi and welcome to the world of Guzzi Boris.
I’m not that familiar with the small block engines, but try top of the engine, between the cylinders if it’s the same as the big block motor.

Thanks, took the tank of and there it was, light goes on when earthed, hopefully just the connector or bulb in instrument panel, looks like a fiddly job, or maybe not, two nuts on the bottom , maybe they come off and all will be revealed…fat chance, thanks for the advice

If the light comes on when you earth out the connection, then the wiring and panel is all good. The problem is most likely to be with the switch unit. When there is pressure in the oil system, it opens the switch and the light goes out. When the pressure falls, then the switch closes and earths out the circuit so the light comes on.

ok, so a new switch is best bet, thanks again… :smiley:

Check there is oil in the engine and pressure is being created. Give it a quick spin over with the switch out, kill switch off.

Go to your local motor shop and get one for an early (70s) Ford Cortina/Escort, they are the same.

Just make sure it has a metric thread. Would a Cortina not be an imperial thread?
I have a new brake light switch from a VW Golf to fit to the Spada one day.

Fiat ones normally fit but you have to fit a spade connecter.

You may also find that early Guzzi’s run better with a fuel additive.
I used Castrol ValveMaster Plus just for the additive.

Just got it mot`d, it rides really well, surprising performance, dvla pack arrived so thats todays job, getting it registered

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The switch on mine had failed as well. Gutsibits have them for not an awful lot of money. You do need to be careful if you accidentally remove the adaptor the switch screws into (there is a locking plate but on mine it was flapping about). The adaptor locates the rear camshaft bearing so it’s possible for this to move if you turn the engine over with it removed.

Incidentally I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices for Guzzi spares.

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