K&N air filter

In my never-ending quest to get the old girl running properly I am investigating the K&N air filters.
I have seen a video clip on You Tube that has a single filter linking the carbs whereas mine has two separate and extremely ancient ones. The K&N part number is MG-2640 and it seems to link both carbs.
Anyone have any experience? My filters are past their best anyway. Would this one fit? It is quoted by K&N for G5 and SP bikes but not T3.
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i personally think the standard airboxes work best for normal road riding

I use the two seperate pod filters sold by Eurocarb, same as K&N, do the same job, much less money, at least used to be. link

If you’re fitting these, you’ll need to add a breather box and associated tubes, Le Mans 1 type or similar…italianmotor2013-04-01 18:16:54

The bike already has the Le Mans conversion.
The K&N option is about half the price of the one from Dellorto as I would be buying only one device rather than two. I am conscious that there might be some Guzzi magic here in pulsing from one carb to the other that has been lost in having two separate filters as I have at the moment.
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I have that filter on my Spada
It fits fine but i found its slightly out on the angle of the manifolds but fits fine
i have not had a problem with mine


I’ve been using the double ended K&N filter you mention on my T3 for 25000 miles and it has worked well.
To use it you need the alloy inlet tubes which screw into the carbs; they were fitted to various Guzzis (G5? T4?)They are like parallel sided bellmouths - or you can make something up out of plastic plumbing waste pipe fittings which is what I did until I found some of the correct inlet extensions to buy. I now have a spare pair of the alloy tubes which I can sell to you for £15 posted if you’d like them.

Cheers Norman
Normski2013-04-01 19:12:07

So they don’t fit onto the carburettor inlet stubs? B&mmer!

I didn’t read the post properly… I couldn’t say whether the single filter is any better, doubt it makes any difference. My S3 already had twin filters and so I put them on my T3 Cali as they’d always worked well, looked good (compared to that big single filter), easy to work around for other maintenance and I wanted to get rid of the original air box as I also jetted up slightly and needed freer flowing filters - plus the original setup is a PITA to change.

I used to have a t3 that had so many mods there were only about 5 original parts. But i always thought the one that made the most difference was replacing the standard airbox with k and n’s. Mine were two seperate ones that fittedso closely back to back, you had toremove one carb to fit them. You would need to fit the lemans breather. But a mod well worth doing for a noticible performance gain, though i was also running striaght through mistrals, so i don’t know whether this exaggerated any performance gains.

I know Al has had the single filter on his V1000 convert for many years, I have the twin ones but either work well on any of the Tonti framed bikes.Worth getting a new ball chack valve every now and again they wear out causing oil seepage from the breathers.

Yep, probably that’s why they aren’t listed to fit the T3

[on the filter side of the carbs you should have a tube screwed into the carb and thats what these filters fit onto

quote=CylvaBirch]So they don’t fit onto the carburettor inlet stubs? B&mmer![/quote]

I removed the clack valve because I was told it is not needed with the Le Mans box as it has a similar function built-in.
Is this wrong?
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Guzziology says the valve in the box is crap and can stick, so bend it to one side with a screwdriver, and fit one of the newer ballcheck valves into the top of the crank breather, he says the one with the circlip is best as no chance of it sticking. I did this on my S3.

Yep disable the lemans box flapper and pop a new proper crankcase breather in it, far better