K&N Filters

I’m going to chuck the OEM air filter off my Spada and fit K&N. Having had a look around, it seems I can use either individual ‘universal’ filters on each carburettor, or there is a dual inlet version (MG2640, see picture).
Anyone got any experience which works better?

I believe I also need a Le Mans breather too, but they seem to easy enough to get hold of.

i had the big one as per picture on the spada and it worked well

I used the single versions of that size and shape, needs the Le Mans breather box and plumbling.

+1 for the above comments.
The single filter and LM breather box fit snug and look neat.
Marginal improvement in performance with a +10 main jet. Not too subtle but it’s worked on lots of Tonti bikes.
I’m sure you know this but the ball valve contraption has to be removed from the crankcase breather with the LM box.
Good luck

Didn’t know that Steve. What’s the reason for removal of the ball valve?

The ball valve is prone to sticking; there is a later and better unit.
If this is fitted then the ‘flap valve’ in the LM box has to be disabled.
Running both creates too much crankcase pressure.
On older bikes I’ve tended to remove the potentially worn ball valve and keep theflap.
Can be done either way.
Be interesting to hear Guy and Mike’s views on Wednesday.
I’ll try to dig out the old notes that I have i the shed.
Have fun

Have done the same on my Convert and many other Guzzis, tried the dual filter but it required so much contortion, went for the individual ones instead, much easier. Regarding the flap valve/ball valve problem, have always disabled the flap valve and relied on the ball valve, seems to work well.

I think I’ll go for 2 separate filters. A little bit more expensive but look better I think. Will have to try breather suggestions.

Just found my notes from the first K&N kit I did.
This was on a T3.
“Ball valve and flap in LM breather box prone to sticking. Either remove ball valve and use flap valve or replace ball valve and knock out flap with screwdriver and pliers”
Not too subtle but I was much less experienced!
There is a later, better ball valve for the Tontis but don’t know about the loops.
I have a set of individual K&Ns oiled but unused on the shelt.
Good luck

This is for my Spada Steve, not the loop. The loop air filter is also a dastardly thing to replace, but in a different way from the Tonti bikes.

Are you wanting to sell those filters? We can discuss Weds evening…maybe I’ll bring some cash!

I’ve used both types of K&N filter on my Spada. Both worked well enough but the individual filters perform better than than the single unit, the single unit is slightly easier to fit, looks neater & is a little cheaper. The individual filters work better though & I wouldn’t swap back.