Key Fob scratching tank T3

Unless I use a bare key in my T3 there is a tendency for the fob or other keys to rattle around on the front of the tank and scratch the paint. I’m thinking of moving the switch up to below the clocks to stop this and wondered if anyone else had come up with a solution for this problem?

Thanks Norman

When I went on a local charity run, the coast to coast Lyme Regis to Weston-Super-Mare, the organisers-Westlands M.C. issued these little zip-up purse type efforts. They have a loop inside to which you attach your key ring and keys; so you stuff all bar the ignition key inside, zip it up as far as it will go and that will stop the scratching.

OK, it flaps about in the wind but wont hurt the tank. Hope that helps, Nick B.
NickBrown2013-10-15 10:44:04

Use the key on it’s own with a rubber type key ring keep the reast on a key chain in yer pocket it is what I do. Moving the ign lock MAY seem like a good idea BUT due to it’s manufacture on the old bikes (It is actually a Fiat ign lock) It makes it very easy to get around for a thief which is WHY it is stuck atop the tank with that metal insert bit so you can’t get at the underside.

I do know of someone who attempted to put an ign switch in the headstock BUT went back to the standard one. The only other solution is get one of the alarms fitted with keyless ignition, an expensive way around it tho’ …key chains are pretty cheap option.

If your T3 is all original don’t do it !..
I have a Le Mans, the ignition switch is in the same place, I just use a soft keyfob, no scratch ums…

Sorry I don’t think keeping the one key alone and separate will work for me.

The T3 is fairly original but is also a workhorse so I don’t mind changing the switch in a way which can be changed back later.(handlebar switches were long ago changed thankfully) I’d like to get the tank resprayed at some point and wont do so until I resolve this problem.
Also I found out through an intermittent breakdown whilst on the Welsh National Rally that the original wiring takes a feed from the battery to a double pronged terminal on the rectifier and then from the other prong on to the ignition switch - that’s one piece of originality that I can live without as I consider each extra and unnecessary connection a weakness.

Thanks Norman

Concur on switchgear !

I have an oval rubber Moto Guzzi key ring, they come up on eBay now and again, I just did a search and couldn’t find one. Try Corsa Italiana? I did find this one 07:42:39

I also have the oval rubber Moto Guzzi key ring, but guess what, it’s the perfect shape to keep getting stuck between the ignition barrel and tank on the S3, so getting the key out again becomes a pain.italianmotor2013-10-17 08:00:43

Maybe the gerkin would get you out of that pickle?

Very good Chris, gherkin is fine, though I might go for the rubber chicken too, three for one (bit like KFC I would imagine): cluck cluck

I have a dog clip on my key ring and just unclip the key pop it in the lock with just a small ring on it no probs. pull the key out and reclip to the main bunch.

Yep I do the same BUT I also got a rubber keyring courtesy of Gutsibits when i ordered from them We have to have work keys on a keychain, so the bike and other keys attached is kinda easy, no way to loose them once off the bike and easy to get to.

…? Never had this problem with same style lock in the same location and with other key(s) on the same ring… Tank bags, OTOH, that’s a different pail of whelks… 'Course ign lock has been moved up into the ‘new’ dashboard now.

[QUOTE=Mike H]

…? Never had this problem with same style lock in the same location and with other key(s) on the same ring…  Tank bags, OTOH, that’s a different pail of whelks…  'Course ign lock has been moved up into the ‘new’ dashboard now.  [/QUOTE]
Any chance of a picture of the new dashboard?

It will be a different dash to a convert as other bikes, apart from the G5 have a tacho and the G5 one is an add on tiny ony stuck on as an afterthought. The Convert utilises the drive for the tacho to use to power the ATF pump.

The best tank bag for the older Tonti tank is the Baglux one as without the bag it looks like one of the leather tank protectors as it only covers half of the tank. It not only looks OK it does protect the Tank and has a small very useful pocket with flap built on to it.

No problem-o…

look here

This is a convert /G5 dash Page 15 of the owners manual TOTALLY different from any other Guzzi I do believe the Police versions of the Cali in some areas did have this dash layout
guzzibear2013-10-18 12:50:19

Info. In my previous job as a locksmith, a good deal of our work was caused through wear and tear from bunches of keys hanging from locks. It also makes them far less secure.