Knobbly tyres- NATO V50..??

As title says…I live Rural(Exmoor) have standard metzlers(slippy/slidey) but need something for a mix of A/B roads that have liberal amounts of Horse/sheep pooh/gravel/vegetation/mud scattered about, also need to travel the odd 50/60 miles to the biggest towns on fairly fast A roads…what’s a good compromise…I have no idea…!!

Bridgestone BT45s if they will fitI use them on the breva and i ride on everything

I looked for knobbly / dual-sport tyres for my V65 Flat tracker but got nowhere - sorry.


What size is the front?

I really rate Heidenau k60’s but they don’t do a tubeless front for the V7 yet.


they are 3.25 X 18F…3.50 X 18R…wondered if it would be possible to put the kenda R270 3.50 X 18…its a rear tyre but could I put it on the front as well…??

TCK80 is available as 3.25 18. They go off instantly at about 3000 miles on large trailies (BMW and Weestroms) if used on the road but were the weapon of choice until the K60 came out (10000 miles + life, go off gradually).

Heidenau K37 is M&S rated but you would have to go to the 3.5.


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Sorry to sound thick…is it the K60 for both wheels or just the rear and I don’t get the metric stuff…is it 120/90 etc…tell me excactly… :slight_smile:

120 is between a 4.5 and 5.0 width. Most inch sizes are 100 percent wall height so a 120\80 is slightly lower.

Despite running some mad knobbly/road/Chinese/illegal radial crossply tyre pairs based on what could be bought locally I like to buy pairs. It’s really just cosmetic but I guess might help take one thing out of the equation. If you can get the front there is usually a matching rear.

In this case I think I’d go tck80.


Thanks for you help I’ll go with your advice…