Lambda sensor central exhaust crossover pipe

Hi, I have a crack in the central exhaust crossover piece on my 1200 sport (part no. MG977664 for those interested) and need to remove the Lambda sensor to enable me to remove the section and get it welded up, but cannot work out how to remove the sensor. I should have realised when the manual says, ‘disconnect connector and remove lambda sensor’ that it would not be easy - if I could even find where the connector block was, I might attempt to disconnect it, but as it is hidden up behind the frame close to the starter motor, I cannot physically feel it. So to remove the sensor, I am not sure if it is the hex head at the bottom, the round part of the sensor or if it is left or right threaded… any help please

Sounds to me like you have to take the starter motor off.

This rings bell re the Finebau Forge unit, starter motor off to get at the connector block to plug it in.

if you remove the starter motor cover and the side panel, and then move the lead that runs from the lambada sensor up&down you will find the conector is just behind the starter motor. you can whith a little bit of effort then unplug it and when you replace it run it on the outside of the starter motor and when you replace the cover on the motor the lead is hiden. the nut you need to undo is the big one at the bottem (nerest the pipe) thes can be a right pig to free of, yous plenty of plus gas or WD40, and givit a good soaking. the thred is a normal one.

If the crack is not on the Sensor mounting Boss, I would say leave it in place.
Just wrap and tape the lead out of the way of the area needing welding.

Any pics?Â

thanks buzz, sounds like you’ve done this too !
and Doc, I was going to leave the sensor in place if I could only disconnect the stupid thing without dismantling more of the bike - hence removing the sensor seemed like the easier option…

Sorry, more dismantling IS (probably!) required :smiley:

As you said, Sod’s law decrees…

in what way will more dismantling be reqired? I have actualy done this job myself, :astonished:

OK I’m talking bollox

I replaced the crossover on my Norge this morning, it’s worth checking your sidestand bracket bolt is tight while you’re in there (if it’s the same setup) - mine was coming loose.