Large number of used V85TT for sale

I couldn’t help noticing the vast numbers of used V85TT for sale, not just in the UK but also in Europe. Does anyone know or have an opinion as to why this is?

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Maybe because people feel there are better ADV type bikes out there for specific things, like the aprillia tuareg for off road, or a gs for touring? It’s not a fast bike, doesn’t have the power of a big block guzzi, so it’s kind of a compromise in many areas. Some minor niggles, handguards a bit small for weather protection, guzzi touring screen not high enough for tall people. Seat could be better. I use the MIA kit and that’s a bit less than perfect, it does everything but there could be improvements with how the controls work for that.

I’m happy with my bike, it does everything reasonably well, off road is kind of doable but it’s a bit heavy… for commuting all year round including bad weather its been great. Only once did traction control/abs get overwhelmed, trying to turn around on a closed flooded road covered in ice. Went over with bike on top of me and have to say engine bars worth every penny. No damage to the bike except a very slight scuff on the brake pedal, and sratched hand guard. No levers or indicators broken. Can’t really blame the bike for that mishap, should have exercised better judgement and not turned into that road.

Two up touring gets same fuel economy or better than solo, although with standard seat and suspension pillion doesn’t like more than 2 hours before a break. I’ve done 500-600 miles in a day and at that point did want a more comfortable seat, day to day though it’s fine.

Cruise control, shaft drive, enough torque, relaxed riding position (now i have bars adjusted), i don’t think I’ll ever sell it.

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Not sure they appeal to airheads, I’m tempted to do a test ride on one but don’t think it will replace my current bikes

As I said, I had a test ride on a V85 some time ago…it was OK, but not special.

Then I test rode the V100. And it was.

But as you say, Guzzis have a wide following - there’s something for eveyone.

I did notice, though, that the riding position on the V100 I tried was more than a touch “sit up and beg”. It did remind me more of an ADV bike than anything else.

The other thing I noticed was that the bike was very happy on nadgery single track lanes (thanks, Mr Google Maps) as well as on the open road.

I was sufficiently impressed as to prise my wallet open when I returned to the shop… :butterfly:

(That was a wallet moth crawling to the edge…and falling off. It never had the chance to learn to fly…)

I would encourage you to to try one…

The only theory that I can come up with, is that the V875TT caught the attention of people due to the aesthetics of the bike and some sound marketing. Reviews all seem to be positive both from the bike media, on-line and personal owners feedback, however, the low figure on bhp compared to the competition became a realistic experience on the road for some owners, especially on fast roads with a pillion and loaded with luggage.
It would be interesting to hear a review with the above conditions from owners.

They have been out a while now. I expect there will be a lot of owners coming to the end of their PCP deals or trade ins for Mandellos.

I’ve ridden mine a lot, two up with full panniers and top box, it had enough power, don’t want to go crazy speeds when loaded like that, but 80 to 85 was easy, about 5k rpm and no drama. Overtakes in 6th possible but 5th better.

With just me on, again fully loaded, it was still quick enough i had to watch my speed on a long trip through Scotland. Cruise control was ideal for avoiding any points on licence.

With just pillion and me on it will easily do over 100mph indicated speed. According to the app the speedo is reading high, about 2mph high at 30, and 9mph high at 79 (so 79 is actually 70 measured by gps).

Dealer said to me when we first went to look at them if you want to do long trips, 80mph all day, that’s what it’s good for. Have to say that’s been absolutely accurate.


Both good points regarding PCP and trade in’s.

Thank you sidthedid, for the in depth feedback. It was just (and more!) the feedback that I was looking for as I’m considering the V85TT for pillion and luggage use. The problem here in Ireland, is that Moto Guzzi’s are not a popular brand and there is little choice in used models for sale. Currently there are only two yellow versions for sale and Brexit has made it difficult of going to the UK for one. If the situation remains unchanged, I’ll start looking at the Triumph Tiger 800 as an alternative.

By the way, I started this thread stating that there is a glut of used V85TT’s for sale and then stating in my last thread that there are none.
If you take a look at The Parking Motorcycle
and search for V85’s, you will see where I’m coming from.

Maybe because a lot of people who buy new change every 2 or 3 years and they’re at that sort of age now. And , yes, the V100.
I find mine fine at speed, two up, loaded etc. by the way. Goes much better than the headline figures suggest. That was Le Mans power back in the 70s, things have moved on, but it doesn’t make it slow, just slower than some other bikes.


I know someone who took his NI registered bike to the south and reregistered and it wasnt too much hassle, although the value was so low import duty wasn’t a problem.

Have you tried ringing the Guzzi dealer in Portadown and asking him to let you know when one comes up for sale?

The website isn’t up to date usually so better to call him.

Because they sold a lot , simples .


Because, as with all motorcycle and car sales these days. most are bought using a three year finance deal, therefore, a proportion will have been traded in for a new version or something else like a V100.

Not cool to define someone an airhead on the choice of their ride!

I’m including myself in that category, all my bikes are air cooled :wink:

I also subscribe to the theory that a lot of 3 year PCP agreements have come to their end, so many trade ins are now up

for sale

I remember calling into my local Guzzi dealer a few months after the V85 was launched, to collect some spares I’d ordered, they had a V85 demo parked outside, I was looking it over & one of their mechanics spotted me. He shook his head, looked at my Griso 8V and said “you’ll be disappointed - you’ll miss the torque of the big block”
Nearly 3 years on from that comment I still haven’t got around to arranging a V85 test ride!

I think my next Guzzi will be a V100, but I will wait a couple of years so any teething problems are resolved