Lario - Shock Absorber Length?

The manual says 33cm shock absorber length for the Lario, but then the swingarm rests on the lower frame rail just before the pillion foot pegs.

30cm keeps it clear, 31cm provides about 5mm clearance.

I can’t believe Guzzi would have fitted shocks that meant the swingarm makes contact with the frame rail, and I’m sure the MOT man wouldn’t like it either.

Any ideas, views or opinions please?


Guzziology says 330mm for the Lario. Has something been changed or bent?

Don’t think so - guess I could double check the part number on the swingarm (same as my V65 I think).

My 750T is the same 330 Koni shocks and left hand side swing arm contacts the frame by the footrest may be that’s how they are.

Yes, just the left hand side.

And your MOT man is OK with it?

Does the relationship/clearance change when you’re sitting on the bike?

Yes. Sitting on the bike will compress the shock absorber making it shorter and therefore does not foul the frame rail.

It’s only when it’s on its centre stand does it rest on the frame rail (or when in mid-air).


might be the existing springs are worn and allwoing it to droop when on the stand, or perhaps they are at full tension and that will force the arm lower down

Shock length is determined by the rod in the centre. They can’t grow any longer when the bike is at rest.

That’s what I found on mine, tension was wound right up, I have now set them on softest setting but can not check it till I get the swing arm back in after painting, think that was the cause as you could not even bounce the suspension. We’re these bikes fitted with konis from the factory?

Checking in the manual the v50mk3 and v50 monza should not have 330mm shocks it should have 310mm, v35c and v50c 330mm, v65 and v65sp 320mmdougindoors2014-06-01 20:47:28