Layshaft Nut Torque

I know it has been done in topics before, but I have reached the stage of tightening the layshaft nut to its’ “recommended” torque of 115 ft-lb (approx 16kg-m).I am simply not strong enough to hold the box steady, even though I am using a tool to hold the clutch centre/input gear while I apply the torque wrench. Best so far is about 100 ft-lb. I don’t have a strong enough vise that I trust that would hold the box without causing damage.At that torque the special tool for the peg-nut wants to slip out unless pressed in firmly (need 10 hands for this job)I am tempted to use the rattle gun (that is how I removed it), but could easily over-tighten.Any suggestions?Same will probably apply to the output shaft nut.

Sorted Forget holding the box itself and make a more robust holding tool. (Good long handle on it after the original folded). Pretty-well done for the peg spanner at the full torque (aftermarket). If I ever do the job again I had better get a good special socket.Tab washer seems redundant at that torque and does not precisely align with the slots in the nut. Will tab it up anyway.

Is this for the splined boss on g/box input shaft? Wot the clutch plates sit on… When I did mine it just went turn, turn, turn, turn, solid. At ‘solid’, just won’t go no more. So I just aligned the nearest fitting tab to adjacent slot there. I don’t think any further torqueing up would have made it reach round to the next one.

Actually it is both clutch centre and output shaft. In fact at the required torque it did move noticeably from normal “tight”, although not much.Now sorted by use of modified tool to keep it steady on the nut.

OK bit confused now, which model is it?

It is an 1100i (sold in USA as EV). Normal bevel gear 5-speed box.Torque figure applies to input and output shafts, both of which Guzzi helpfully call “layshafts”. My problem was not with the torque, but holding the box steady so that the spanners do not slip off the special nut (input shaft, special peg socket, which is also tabbed) or the slim special nut (output shaft, long 27mm hex impact socket).Problem now sorted i.e. I do not have to put much effort into steadying the box if I have a long enough bar onto the clutch centre holding tool (made from old clutch plate centre).Thanks for your input.