le man bevel drive strip down

Hi all,
just wondering if anyone has stripped a rear drive bevel, after reading about stripping the bevel down to replace the smaller outer seal I am hoping that I will only need to replace the easier larger seal, as this is looking like the area that the oil is leaking from, I would then put the wheel back on and hope for the best. If this dosnt cure the leak Ill be back to square one, the daunting task of a bevel srip down and all that entails, sounds horendos, and anyway Id never be aloud to use the oven to do the heating up bit, not unless I could disguize it as a chicken, so I was wondering if anyone new of a reputable mechanic who I could send said bevel to, who could do the work for me and any idear of the cost.

I had a BMW R1200 rear drive box overhauled by a Guy called Mike, on 07786 340 692, mind you a few years ago. Might be worth a call to discuss ??

A lot of people send gearboxes and bevel boxes to Nigel at NBS.