Le Mans 1/2 paint code/ colour

Hi, I’m after the paint code or colour for my mk1 and mk2 Le Mans as I’m getting them both painted at the moment but I need to confirm the correct colour red, I’ve herd people using Ferrari red, but which one?, I’m finding getting the right colour a bit of a nightmare at the moment so Any help would be much apriciated. Cheers Chris.

I struggled to get a code for my mk2,

So I chose Ford Rosso red, turned out to be a great decision,Â

There didn’t seem to be any definite code,Â

Maybe of use…

I have a Le Mans 2 but mine is in Blue, I’m trying to get paint for it because the paint as started to rub off on the side panels. The colour as been described as Royal Blue, Baby Blue and Slovian Blue, but as anyone a Paint Code for it

Ford Rosso Red is good.
I have heard that if you take a painted part to Halfords they can match it and mix the paint for you.

I just visited Halfords at Beverley this morning and they refused to do that, he would a car but not a motorcycle unless I gave him the paint code

I asked at Halfords a few weeks ago regarding a colour match and they can only do it with the vehicle code. What you may need to do is find a paint supplier that has the piece of equipment, like a pistol, that scans over the item you require matching and it then gives the paint supplier a list of the pigments that make up that particular colour so they can mix it.

The problem i have is finding an original painted part on a mk1 le mans as over the years people have often re painted them, however i went through gutsibits and they use a company called RS bike paints and they have the original colours for the mk1 and mk2 le mans, so i got a sample of both.

I believe it is RS Paints that have a stand at Classic Bike Show Stafford, if so, they don’t have the Le Mans Mk 2 Blue and have suggested I take my side panel for them to match up with their colour charts.
There is also a company at Bolsover, Derbyshire or is it Nottinghamshire (side of the M1) called Autosupplies who will colour match your bike, I took them my side panel from which they have matched/mixed up paint to suit.

I use the same side panels, and the paint is ALWAYS rubbing off, it’s the boots that do it.

Which is nature’s way of telling you to always ride in flip flops.

Then it’d be the jeans rubbing it off, but then a-ha! wear shorts I hear you say, but then it’d be skin rubbing it off…