Le Mans 1 - Information


I’m either after the top bush on the steering damper rod (nylon, I assume), part no. 14 51 71 00 or the dimensions of the bush so I can machine one for a 1978 Le Mans 1. If anyone can help I would be very greatful.

Many thanks, Martyn

Teo Lamers list them for the sum of 0.93 Euro! Search for part number 1451700

Thank you - just checked it out and shipping is 16.53 Euros! If I can find the dimensions I’ll make my own, just can’t justify 18 times the cost for shipping than buying the part.


Maybe someone else in the group is ordering something from them, you could combine the postage.


Be worth giving them a call. They’re very good and take a common sense approach to helping out fellow Guzzisti.