Le mans 1000 1989 Electronic Ignituon

Hi Folks,
Thinking of getting elec ignition. Any suggestions of which are best. Broke down today had to trailer her home. Not the Sunday I envisaged.

I have an SP with Newtronics on it.
And a Cali 3 with a Dyna 3 system fitted.
They do fail very occasionally, but probably are less hassle than points. They are both fit and forget, both these systems retain the original bob weights for the advance retard.

Thanks for the heads up. Will do a little more research.

What failed?

This has happened to me also.

While the popular story goes that the Fiat points contacts “last forever”, the heels that rub on the cam unfortunately don’t. It should’ve been a strong hint when just prior to this, setting up the timing was WAY much more difficult than normally - I’d set it, rotate the crank to double check it, and it would be “off” again.