Le Mans 1000 front forks

Anyone on here got a Le Mans 1000 with the longer forks??
If you do could you please measure from the top of the top yoke to the top of the fork.
Having rebuilt the bike I am using trial and error to get the handling right but have no starting point. Although the bike handles really well I would be interested to try it at the factory setting and had a brainwave: ask on here!!!

What do you mean longer forks? Mine’s K reg although I think it’s a 1989 model. The forks seem to poke out a long way.

They’re the ones, any chance you could measure how much they “poke” out?

That’s from the top surface of the yoke to the very top of the twiddly damper adjustment knob.

By the way no complaints on the handling of mine, other than with worn tyres it can whiteline quite badly and on very worn crap Metzelers it would weave/wobble a bit on the overrun. With new tyres it’s lovely.

Excellent thank you!!
But: what is it to the top of the tube?
Reason being you may well still have the original bitubo internals which will be taller than my replacement fac damper which only has a short valve at the top, no twiddly knob.
Re handling, the bike handles really well. I think I have the forks dropped enough but would just like to try with the original angle…

OK will have to measure again when I get home, on the 1200 today.



Is this a citrus fruit only based conversation, or can anyone join in?

All fruit AND vegetables welcome…

I have a MK 5. I have measured, the forks stick out 25 mm. I think this is correct as I had them out to do the seals and remember getting the measurement data from somewhere, possibly the owners manual.

Hope this helps.

That’s right 25 ml . If you look at the parts catalogue on stein deniz (Some thing like) a German company Google guzzi parts. Anyhow on the parts pictures you can just see they give the measurements as 25 ml.drop them any lower and it will shake it’s head when going over bumps. Hope this helps

I checked mine, they are about 40mm.
Probably why it shakes its head going over bumps…
(At least on worn tyres)


Mines got 3 of what I’ll call the ‘marked segments’ showing - and I don’t think I’ve ever changed it since 1990 (06/88 bike).

PS. What’s your ‘brainwave’?

I think it was just to ask us lot. A bit underwhelming as brainwaves go I guess.
Got some useful info though, as did I, since I now know for sure my forks are at a very non standard height. Had a long ride on the bike yesterday and have to say it felt fine except for a shake of the head when you cross the white line in the centre of the road. I am used to this and it never develops into anything. The rear tyre is nearly worn out too. My guess is you could reasonably play in the range of 25-40 mm and find something you like, but of course what’s good on one road surface may not be so good on another.

To carry this discusion on how … much longer are the longer forks than mine ( an '86 model lemans 1000 with 16 incher front wheel)?

I ask cus i’d like to re-locate the bars higher ie above the top yoke and that means dropping the yokes to create clearance