le mans 1000 gearbox problems

Bringing the old girl out of hibernation I’m having difficulty selecting first gear. It is intermittent and as et have not been on the road with her. Any suggestions or thohgts?.

The obvious thing is to check and lubricate the linkages. Make sure there is full movement down on the pedal and that it isn’t touching the frame.
Make sure the rose joints haven’t come loose.
What was it like before going into hibernation? How long has it been asleep?

The old girl has not been on the road in a couple of years. I’m going to have a fiddle with the tarozzi rear set and see if that achieves anything. The first gear selection has been an on going problem.

Make sure all connections in the linkages are set at a 90 degree angle or there abouts or you will get more movement in one direction than the other.

The gear selection feels very spongy not a positive engagement.

Does it downshift OK, like going from 5th to 4th or 3rd to second?
Just wondering if the selector needs adjusting?
There is the detent plunger that positions the selector drum, but never heard of one of them playing up.

It seems to down shift ok but selecting 1st is hit and miss. Wonder if the selector forks are worn or it may need shimming just read an article on the web.