Le Mans 1000 Mk 4 (1985) fairing support brackets

Does anyone in Essex or Suffolk have a Le Mans 1000 Mk4 fitted with the original Bikini fairing that they would be willing to allow me to photograph and measure the fairing supports and brackets .
I bought my bike with an aftermarket full fairing and a bare bikini fairing which I am now trying to fit to the bike but, need to take some measurements and photos so I can fabricate a support frame for this fairing as I did not receive any of the original fairing frame .
Any assistance much appreciated.
Many thanks

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I have the LMIV factory manual with detailed diagrams of the fairing brackets. No dimensions on the drawing but this can be worked around.

That would be good enough I can probably work it out from the drawings. How do we do personal messaging on this site and I can send you my email address. Perhaps you could kindly scan the drawings and email to me.

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Will do. You can send your email address to the MGGB Social Secretary email address.


Sorry to be a pedant Steve!

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LeMans IV

If you want the original brackets i have items 10 and 17

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Hi Nik.
I had seen this version but I can not work out how this would attach to the bike.
I had assumed ( probably incorrectly ) this sits inside the fairing to hold the headlight unit in place but can not work out how the fairing mounts to the bike.
Any guidance appreciated. I would avail myself of any parts you have if this is the right fittings for my machine.
Best regards

LeMans IV Headlight Brackets

Hi Steve

Sounds like you might be missing Items 30 and 31 These are the Headlight mounting Brackets and also where the lower mountings for the main Fairing Bracket mount…i think!

I also have these on the shelf!

Regards, Nik

Hi Nik.
Definitely 31 and 32 are headlight mountings and from what I see there may be holes to mount the legs of part 10 - which I think is also is bolted to the fairing top “shelf” (at the bottom of the windscreen) When fitted, it’s probably quite rigid but if necessary I could do a bit of reinforcing. Can you please give me a price for parts 10, 17, 31 and 32 ( plus shipping to Suffolk CO10 postcode) and how to make a transfer and provide address details without using the forum page. Usually there is a way to PM members but, not yet found how to do this on the MGGB forum
Much appreciated.
Many thanks - I think my problem may well be about to be resolved!