Le Mans 2 Clutch lever

is there a dog leg (or adjustable) lever thats a direct fit onto the standard le mans lever perch? if not, any pointers as to what fits
(I did search for this, but doesnt come up although i’m sure ive seen it mentioned here before)

Will search the shed tomorrow, (did have a one)

No luck, only found an old t3 one

How about something like the old trick of putting a Chain Spring link between lever and its bracket to shorten the reach ?

Will have to catch up with you somewhere this year Neil :wink:

yes mate we will…:slight_smile:

ive ordered up a universal dogleg clever and perch, see how that fits…

Wot’s the reason?

Just curious…

because my wrist hurts :slight_smile: with the standard lever my hand is at full stretch so am pulling the clutch in with the end of my fingers… hoping that the lever a bit closer will help… i had a 200 mile day out this week, and by the end of it i was resting my wrist on the grip and pulling the lever in, which felt better… ?

Remember doing that on my Dook 250 when stuck in traffic.
Hope you get it sorted.
Also try Venhill for their clutch cables. They make them about 3’’ longer so you get looser loops which make for an easier pull.

Have you got a link pleez…

Following on from the span adjustable question I was looking at Gutsibits site and found this http://gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?q=bra28657&f=d&Model=0&search=SEARCH
This is the standard brake lever form my 95 Cali and says its “adjustable”
I checked the one on mine and it does indeed have an adjustment screw … however screwing it all the way in or out doesn’t appear to doo much - it certainly doesn’t change the span.
So whats it expected to adjust :unamused:

However they do do a proper adjustable lever that looks like it should fit my Cali - which is nice :wink: http://gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=d&q=BRA01630

I’ve just bought this…


Still in the process of fitting it tho…

I bought one of these…
http://www.wemoto.com/parts/picture/hl-530521/ although not had a chance to try it yet… after reading your issues with cable free play i’ll leave it till i have a full day or 2 spare :slight_smile:

Yes I think so!

Seems to be done now tho.