Le Mans 2 Lights ON/OFF switch

Hello everyone
Can anyone tell me how you remove the Lights - Off/Park/On switch from the left hand switchgear? There are four wires on it and one wire has become detached.
I am assuming that the red slider on the outside has to be eased off before the switch can be removed and the wire reattached.

Thanks in anticipation

Hi Paul, I haven’t had one of these to bits, but I think that I would release the two small screws underneath, and then slowly and carefully split the two halves; being ready to catch the springs and ball bearings that may spit them-selves all over the floor !! Then see how you go from there. Leave the red slider alone for the time being. Good Luck !!

Sound advice, personally I often soak the component overnight with high penetrant lub, when apart WD40 electrical contact cleaner. Been soldering wires on a Falcone magneto condenser used fine point soldering iron and dishwasher cloth cut in strips wet to dissipate heat it worked