le mans 2 wheel bearings

Well I am 99% sure there is no circlip holding in the wheel bearings on the front wheel, have both wheels off bike and can see the circlip on the rear. Can this be the case and do I just “knock” them out?

if alli you can warm the housing up with electric paint striper so it expands then the bearings pop out easier same on refitting them
if they are alli and you knock them on the piss it can broach the hole oversize
also if taping in housing tap the outer , if tapping on shaft tap the inner , do it the other way and it can wreck the bearing as it puts little flats on the balls and running faces

Cheers, thanks for info.


Yeah we know all about the rear bearing carrier, Guzzi call it a bearing flange by the way, going oversize then … Don’t we Raymondo? Still it was all sorted by a combination of Ray 's assistance and “The one and OOOOnly Min” …Dammit these Guzzis soooo unreliable 37 years and 200,000+ miles and the damn thing FAILED

I reckon for the price of a set of bearings to replace them avery 4th tyre change ish, well worth the effort Over the years I have had only 1 rear wheel bearing go when on the bike and it is somewhat “disconcerting”

Fro some unknown reason the V11 seems to need new rear bearings every 18,000 miles whereas the V1000 will do 50k miles before they even need looking at???

I think you will find the Guzzi wheel bearings are just standerd iteds from any bearing shpu, my local all brand M/C shop had about a dozen in stock.
The front and rear of my California wer a different size, just be aware of that.

As far as I know the only non standard, off the shelf bearing, in a big Tonti is in the gearbox.
Expect to pay £8.50 for wheel bearings unlees you go to a bearing supplier which will be cheaper.