le mans 3 carbs

Hi, I am new to this forum, is anyone running a Lemans 3 with 40mm carbs, my bike has 950 kit P3 camshaft and is running 40mm Delorto carbs, bike goes great but still think there is more to come, colour of plugs is very good and idles great, can anyone recommend what jets to run, carbs are open and pipes are virtually open with bigger dia header pipes.

There was a similar thread some time ago in which opinion was, understandably, divided.
One of the interesting points from someone who had succeeded in getting a bit more go was that needle position was an inportant step before/alongside jetting.
Increments of 10 usually gets to the maximum pretty quickly.
Have you altered the timing to suit the cams and other changes?
Sounds like a story for Gambalinga when you’ve finished.
Good luck

cheers Steve, I have left timing at 8deg it starts very well there, maybe I am looking for something that is not there.