Le Mans 3 electronic ignition

Anyone out there have the best electronic ignition for the early lemons. I’m trying to decide between the Silent Hektic and the Electronica Sache offerings. I have a friend with the Sache system fitted which he finds very good. Anyone tried the Silent Hectic?

Have just fitted a Dyna 111, bought from ATV Galaxy in the States, came to about £160 with the post and VAT, fitted and working (with original coils) in no time.

I have the Newtronics (was known as Pirhana previously)on my 78 Spada. It works fine, fit and forget.
This option does retain the old bob weights and mechanical advance mechanism so easier toconvert back to points if it fails. It is an optical system, triggers by breaking a light beam inside the distributor.

Hi Duffo
just reading about your Dyna 3 and original coils.Just in case you are not aware while it is a good system
it uses a lot of power. ie 7.5 amps ign on not running and 6 amp when running .these are the figures
i got with the same system on my bike. If you have uprated bulbs and heated grips you might have a problem.
Even with 5 ohm coils it uses 4.5 amps running.

as coils are original - can it actually use any more amps than original as current is related to ohms

Makes sense to me.
Plus the alternator is a 20 amp one which equates to almost 300 watts and is plenty with 100/80 or twin 60/55 headlights.
I presume Malc meant Watts not Amps.

Checked the power draw with the engine running, showing about 1.7 to 2 amps max from tickover to approx. 4k revs. This was using a clamp dc ammeter on the power feed to the sensors from the coil positive.

I also have a Piranha unit and have never had any issues with it

Hi Duffo
the power consumption should be checked on the power feed from the ign switch
to the coils not the sensor wires or else at the battery after measuring any other consumers.
I think the dyna system uses more current than points because the coils are energized for
more of the time.
A guzzi 3 ohm coil connected to a 12v battery registers a consumption 4.5 amps .
On the bike it will use less as it is switched off and on, how much less will depend
on how long the coil is switched off


Correct, ignore my previous howler.

I went with Silent Hektik. Very pleased, easy to set up. I thought the Silent Hektik was a better made and I am pleased with the money spent.