Le Mans 5/1000s Battery

My battery (on the bike when I bought it) isn’t holding its charge and only managing to start the bike once before a recharge, so I’m thinking, time for a new one. The choice is bewildering - before I just nip to Halfords and buy off the shelf, does anyone have any recommendations or views about the newer/lighter smaller types available, lithium, Shorai etc etc? The claims are seductive but caveat emptor…

If you go on TAYNA LTD then you can post dimensions and post layout and get a quote.
I have founnd the Westco Gel type bty far better than the old type at recieving, holding charge and turning over the motor.
Mine cost £69.00 2.5 years ago, failed 2 years ago at Easter and Tanya replaced it next day over the phone after I gave them thev AA report number saying the bty was duff.
My lil’Breva does 5 miles to work and back and since then I haven’t touched the bty.

Yeah, can be difficult getting a good enough battery that meets Guzzi type requirements. I use a ride on mower type battery in mine. Check out Lucas 895, U1R9, Y60N24LA Model LP895. I got my last one mailed to me by Electroquest. Cheap and cheerful and last for around 10 years.

The only battery we have yet tried which has never failed to start either big old boxers or big old round barrel guzzis, at 3 am on freezing nites…is the Oddysey…not cheap…but we have a five year old one that is a ‘pass the battery’…hops from one bike to the other…much higher initial cranking speed…

Wot Kate said.

My Oddysey battery is really old (at least 8 years) and has never failed to do its job even when left dormant for months at a time.

EDIT: Just checked and that battery is 12 years old!

Thanks for the replies, the odyssey sounds a good option as in this day and age a battery should be a fit and forget item imho!

Given the old-fashioned nature of the charging circuit, I would stick with lead-acid, but in this day and age quite likely to still be a sealed type. That’s OK I think if you make sure not to overcharge it.

If you haven’t got one yet I can highly recommend Motobatt. Wemoto seel them.
Got one in my Mk1 lemon which sits for months at a time and always starts not problem. had it for 5 years.
Got one in my APlrilia too and I swear the bike runs better on it and never have starting issues

yes I’ve used motobatt on my t160 trident and it is good and fires it up on the starter.

What size of motobatt / would you use on a guzzi 1000 (mk4 le mans)?

On the trident i found that the motobatt (gel) type is more powerful than equivalent sized lead acid so i was able to go down a couple of sizes

I have used an Odyssey on my Spada for the past five years. It has never failed & is still working perfectly. Yes they are expensive but I wouldn’t now use anything else, reliability & longevity make the initial cost worthwhile.