Le mans cx100

Local bike shop has one on e bay at the moment. I sent a question via e bay asking what the reserve is, ( I know the owner socially) Any thoughts on the cx version? Difficult to assess value, anyone care to suggest a maximum bid? Might be more than I am willing to pay.1150GS2014-07-13 18:45:39

According to Guzziology the CX was a stop gap model to satisfy US demand for more cubes. It’s not a ‘real’ Le Mans - more like a Spada dressed up in Le Mans bodywork. But that doesn’t make it a bad bike, especially if the price is right.

It shouldn’t fetch silly Mk1 money but £2,000.00 to £2,500.00 depending on condition should be about right.Where is it as they were origonaly US market only?Not dissing Will in any way but what constitutes a Le Mans?I own a Mk111 and I know MkIV and V owners who are very happy lemon owners.

Imported from the USA

According to Ian Fallloon’s Sport and Le Mans Bible the Cx100 was a Us model only made in 1979 apart from a small build of 72 in 1981. They look like a Mark 2 Le Mans, but have 949 cc with Nigusil barrels, smaller valves and 30 mm carbs with lean burn jetting to comply with Us emissions.

Total production was only 353.

I think therefore that the engine is similar to the Us 1000 SP and G5 models. A nice one could be a very usable and long lived classic I would suggest, and would probably be very tunable if you were so inclined.

Had a look at that on Ebay.Probably worth a punt if you like it and the price does not get silly. The seller mentions American import and that all taxes have been paid plus already registered on NOVA so it should be straightforward getting it registered.Good Luck if you go for it.

Biggest moan from US owners of the CX was the speedo only went up to 80mph. most have probably been converted with Euro speedos.G.

Seen the bike. Started easily from cold, no smoke. Tear in the seat. I know the resrve price, can’t tell you, as Gordon said he won’t reply to questions on this. Now I have the dilemma of wondering if I would be better off buying a more modern sporty guzzi. Which will cost less!

With an older Guzzi most of the problems have been sorted .

The bike didn’t reach the reserve price, I was outbid anyway

mickeybizzle… shame that can’t be said for us humans!!!