Le Mans Front Wheel

I recently bought a front wheel from an auto jumble. It was sold to me as a Le Mans front wheel, although it looks identical including the wheel spindle to the front wheel on my 1000Sp, it came with a virtually new Metzler & was bought for what I think was a bargain price.I bought it to fit to the afore mentioned 1000Sp, I suspect that its actually from a Spada or similar but it was sold as a Le mans Wheel the seller didn’t know which model but when pushed thought it might be from a Mk3. Assuming it is from a Mk3 am I right in thinking that it will fit a 1000Sp with the addition of disc spacers from a Le Mans Mk2?

Hi Lux, did the wheel come with discs? The main difference between the LM2 (which should fit straight on the SP) and the LM3, is that the latter has flatter/less dished discs than the earlier models. If you fit SP discs to the wheel you should find the discs line up with the calipers OK, you may need to space the calipers or the discs with some thin washers to line everything up but that is normal even on supposedly matching wheels.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks Gerry. No the wheel didn’t come with discs. I was intending to use the Spada discs so it sounds like I will be ok. Because I got the wheel reasonably cheaply it would still be worth seeking out MK3 discs if required.

I have a set of Mk1 wheels on my Mk111. Apart from the spoke shape they are identical.
Lemons front wheels will not fit on Spada etc or vice versa withaout some work.

There appears to be a split in opinion re fitting Le Mans wheels to other cast wheel models. I have been told that they are absolutely not interchangeable & that they are interchangeable with a very small amount of work.Looking at parts diagrams for all the Le Mans models & the Spada the wheels have different part numbers but, assuming that all the Le Mans front wheels are the same, the only addition on the MK2 which is fitted with wider forks (same forks as the Sp) is a pair of disc spacers. Obviously the discs are also different so the job may require a change of discs as well but all in all it looks straightforward.I’m also not sure if what I’ve bought is actually a front wheel from a Sp or similar, it appears to be identical to the wheel currently fitted to my Sp right down to the wheel spindle. If it does turn out to be a Le Mans front wheel, I’ll let you know if/how it fitted.

Can you put up a Mk11 parts list diagram?
Also I have a T3 front wheel with discs which I have no use for.
Let me know if of any use.

Sorry Ian I don’t have the techie know how to put up the MK2 parts list but you can view it at the Stein-Dinse website.Also thanks for the offer, I don’t need the wheel but might be interested in the discs if you are selling.

How much would you offer for the discs.?
These are the one piece T3 discs.

Ian I can see you are a seasoned negotiator. I’ll pm you.

Well it only took me two months to get around to it but I have at last fitted the Le Mans Mk3 front wheel to my Spada. It fitted perfectly (complete with new Sp type discs, supplied by Mr Dunmore) a straight replacement with no need to change/alter the existing spacers etc. This could be because;a: Mk3 front wheels (aside from the discs) are the same as those on the Spada etc, or b: because the wheel I have just fitted actually came off a Spada or similar in the first place. Although the bloke who sold me the wheel was selling other Le Mans parts so you can probably discount the latter, although I guess the wheel could have come from a Mk2.I thought I would give this up date just in case anyone else out there was planning to undertake a similar wheel replacement.

Luxexterior2013-06-25 10:18:26

Yes as far as I can tell those cast wheels are identical regardless of bike model.

I think you may be right what seems to differ are the brake disc fittings and shape of the disc carriers and the spacers

I can’t see them having almost but not quite identical cast wheels with subtle variations specific to each model, it’s far too much faffing about. Apart from which, it bucks the modular trend viz all parts fit every frame and many models share identical parts.

T3 et all and lemon 1,11,and 111 front wheels are different due to the different brakes fitted.

Yes ian That’s what i said, when i bought cast wheels for the V1000 I needed the brakes as well due to the spacer on the brakes being totally different to the existing ones, but even so the guzzi cycle parts are very modular and tend to use the same parts not ONLy for different Guzzis BUT the same as many

and even share parts with older BMW’s

GB I was talking to Mike h, I wouldn’t dare to disagree with you.

Thought I’d jump in on this one.Many years ago I fitted spoked wheels to my Mk1 le mans by just putting bearing/ disc carriers on a T3 hub - easy.I now have a hub and want to put spoke wheels on my Mk5 le mans.I am currently in the process of haggling for some carriers…I am assuming it will be as easy!!!Any comments?

@ Ian I thought the difference was in the disc carriers not the hub. I’m ignoring spoked wheels of course

Well as I said the Lemon front wheel fitted with Sp type discs bolted straight on with no issues.