Le Mans Ign Distributor

Does anyone know if the factory ever fitted as standard the so called low performance distributor S311B to the LM2 models. I am rebuilding my LM2, I bought the bike in 1982 when it was only 3 years old from my son-in-law and as far as I know he did not change the distributor and I have never changed it. The one fitted is the S311B instead of the 311A.

Hi Franky
It’s possible that you have the original fitment distributor.
Guzzi worked on a piecemeal basis for large parts of the 70s & 80s due to financial & supplier problems.
There aren’t really any “standard” bikes from the period but some are closer to specification than others
Hope this is useful. All the best

Apparently the only difference between the two distibutors are the advance springs!


Thanks a lot Chris a, guzzibrat and Mike H, in that case I will run with the one I have, put new springs in and save myself a few coins. Thanks again

My MK1 had the original distributor in it, in typical Guzzi fashion the letter “B” of the serial number had just been overstamped with an “A”. Like others have said, the only difference is the advance springs.