le Mans II wheel strip

Hi All, Does anyone have experience/hints/guidance on stripping down ally wheels? How do I remove the bearings from both wheels? I have the cush drive out of the rear wheel; is there anything else to come off the back wheel [besides the bearings obviously] ?All inputs/comments welcome. Thanks Guys [& Gals], Noel

Get a download of a manual from the
“This old tractor” website the pics are there


Scroll down to the relavent manual and download it

The Le Mans 2 is on here in English/German and Italian…


To get the bearings out it is always worth heating the rim with a heat gun before drifting them out, make sure you take off the circlip, inside there is a spacer DO NOT for get it when reassembling it. Also take note of where the spacers are

Bearings are available from bearing stockists/Local Dealer (Mine is no more expensive than a stockist or if you have time online.

List of bearings and loads of other info here



Hi GuuziBear, Thanks for the info and reminding me about Graham’s web site. I have used it before but the short term memory failed me! I have the disc off & cush drive out. I tried to dift the bearings out but missed the retaining circlip so will revisit it all again. Many thanks, Noel

Be careful whacking it and leaving the circlip in can do damage to the alloy bearing carrier, what Guzzi call a “flange” …why I dunno but that is what THEY call it.

AARRRRGH…It could be too late!! Am travelling this week so will check at the weekend when I get home. Rgds. Noel

To GuzziBear, Found it!!! Now that I know there’s a bl@@dy great circlip there, I wonder how I missed it first time around. In my defence, it was under 31yrs of road crud, cobwebs, garage dust etc. I don’t think I’ve done too much damage. Thanks for the tip. Rgds. Noel

might have to give the bearing a TAP back into the housing so that the side load is removed from the circlip before you try to remove it

Well done.