Le Mans Mk 5 Drive Shaft Coupling Sleeve

There’s an internally splined coupling tube that connects the end of the drive shaft to the output of the rear diff (also a splined shaft).

I pulled the drive shaft out OK but it seems to be stuck onto the splined shaft coming out of the diff. There’s a circlip but I assume just stops it slipping too far back onto the diff output shaft. Should it come off? I assume yes and I’d like to clean it up a re-grease it.

If yes - any suggestions how to remove it please?


Yes it should be loose. Presume then that it’s rusted on solid. That’s what can happen if you don’t grease them ~ and unfortunately that includes the factory assembly line!

Yes the circlips keep the coupling in place. They should be replaced if they are loose.

Soak with penetrating fluid?

It could be argued that if it’s rusted on solid at least no wear is taking place on that half of the coupling, and just grease the other half… Myself I would apply a little heat and then soak overnight in cheap coca cola.
A small 3 leg gear puller could also be used to assist removal.

Does the hole in the centre of the coupling go through to the end of the diff drive shaft?

If yes, I can rig up a puller.

I tried clamping the coupling in a vice to pul it off, but I’m concenred about damaging the bearing in the diff. I then dropped it on my foot!!


Yes the coupling sleeve is just a hollow tube with splines inside.

But then according to Ian the Dunmore the rust can grow, pushing the UJ forward and causing damage to the gearbox o/p shaft.

When you finally separate the sleeve from the shaft clean up all the splines and use a good grease on them when you reassemble it.
I used molybdenum based CV joint grease on mine.