Le Mans MK1 frame and engine numbers

Hi Folks,

New club member here and sorry for the lack of introduction but I find myself in advanced negotiations to buy a Le Mans MK1.

I suppose I should explain I’ve wanted one of these for 30 odd years since there was a light blue example in a neighbours garden rotting away slowly back in the day but financially they have always been out of reach. However, recognising that they are not likely to get any cheaper and having looked at all alternatives (MKII to MK1 conversion, MKIII, MKIV etc) I’ve decided to sell both my (non Guzzi) classics, and go for a genuine MK1.

My question is, the bike is a MK1. Frame is VE 16368 and engine is VE 75665 for a 1978 European bike. The frame number looks good for a '78 MK1 based on the reference material on the net but the engine number is pretty different? Is the engine likely to be original?

Are there other signs I can use to identify a genuine MK1? I read that the carb manifold bolt diameter should be 6mm not 8mm. Anything else? Bike below.
Guzzi JPEG.jpg
Any expertise much appreciated!

I guess you checked out this:http://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/gb_en_technical_moto-guzzi-frame-numbers.htm#hint__are_you_looking_at_a_lm1-2_or_a_t-t3_engine__

Frame Number looks ok (as you say early 1978). VE 13041 to VE 18146 Le Mans 850.2 (1977 - 1978)
Engine number highish but fits with others cited on that url. 6mm inlet bolts as you state.
Falloon’s Sport and Le Mans Bible might be useful

I’ve just taken a look in Falloons’ “Sport & LeMans Bible”.

He quotes frame numbers VE 13041 - VE 17311 for the second series (1977-78) of what we call a Mk1 Le Mans. He says the engine numbers were from around VE 72000 finishing at around VE76000. This means that, if Falloon is right, you are looking at a genuine LeMans “Mk1”.

Of course, officially there never was a Mk1. It’s just what we call the bikes that came before the Mk2!

Hi Guys,
Thanks, that’s great info, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Looks like a good example.

Guzzi frame and engine numbers don’t match on European bikes so don’t worry about the difference. Be more aware if someone is selling one that does claim to have matching numbers.

Thanks, it’s expensive so I’m cautious and appreciate the back-up!

Any pics of clox.top yoke and switchgear Simmoto ?

A list of frame numbers can be found here:-
This puts yours in the later Mark one LeMans group (Different rear light being the noticeable difference)
A list of frame numbers can be found here:-
This puts yours in the later Mark one LeMans group (Different rear light being the noticeable difference)
Do you know the reg? Someone on here may know the bike.

A series 2 Mk 1…

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the further input.

Pic of yokes below as requested. It has had later (LM2?) switchgear fitted. I think the fact it has a tripmeter is indicative of a series 2 LM1, with the series 1 having no tripmeter? Or did I make that up?!

The bike was recently imported from Spain so little history of UK ownership.

Things are moving forward and it’s now within my grasp. Exciting stuff!

Oh, and I am short so hopefully the rider fit will be good :slight_smile:
Guzzi Yokes and tank.jpg

Yokes are correct…if you’ve done yer homework you know that the Lemans shares its fork spacing with the Mk 3…

Kate, being pedantic surely the MkIII shares its spacing with the original Le Mans, not t’other way round.

Switchgear looks like LMII BUT as it is a late series 2 Le Mans and European that might be correct.
They have tripometer, LMII has a remote cable operated reset.

TBH no one I know is going to critical of later or Japanese switches if you intend to ride it.
Those Monopoly switches are a pain.

Thanks again. Yes Ian, I am not bothered about the switchgear, it is a plus that it does not have the earlier switches - I had these on a Benelli of mine and they are not good. It will be a riders bike.

Afaik the touch and snap switches are no longer available so if you had them I would suggest replacing them and keeping the originals for e bay or similar.
Look forward to seeing you on it.
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Pedantic no…bloody minded…always… :laughing:

Aww, you say the sweetest things.

I know… :laughing:

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